My Boyfriend Left Me For A Dog

My boyfriend left me for a dog
My boyfriend left me for a dog
It hurt so much I want to cry
He left me sitting high and dry.

I would have understood a woman
A pretty face and a big bosom
But he left me for an ol’ dam dog
Left me in a cryin’ fog.

Oh life ain’t fair and it ain’t right
He left the state so I can’t fight
Can’t punch him in his big dumb nose
Just left me here with all my woes.

My boyfriend left me for a dog
My boyfriend left me for a dog
It hurt so much I want to cry
He left me sitting high and dry.

I could even get if he took a man
Even a pig, would make nice ham
Guess he likes four legs bett’r than mine
He used to say that mine were fine.

Someday I’ll see his sorry face
And pull out my lil’ can of mace
I’ll make him cry with a squirt or two
I’m make him sorry, make him rue.

My boyfriend left me for a dog
My boyfriend left me for a dog
It hurt so much I want to cry
He left me sitting high and dry.


Song by Bill Bentley
All rights reserved
(Written for Shania Twain to sing)




What’s happening?

Quiet blog.  Been busy – in a good way – but time for an update…

Went on a diet and lost weight.  Now in the correct BMI range.   Good move according to all the books.  My wife doesn’t like that I did it. She thinks my face now looks too thin.  I think she was just used to my former face for so long and it’s now different.  In a year I’ll look normal to her again.

Starting to find ways to build exercise into my otherwise fairly sedentary life.  Little things, like every morning it takes my computer about five minutes to boot.  For years I’ve sat there and stared at it doing booting up, sometimes fruitlessly banging on keys or clicking things hoping it would become responsive sooner, always to no avail.  Now I hop on my new Gazelle exercise machine for five minute, get the heart and blood pumping for those five minutes, kick start my metabolism engine for the day, then when I go back to my computer it’s fast and ready for action and so am I.   It’s strangely satisfying and is almost pure ‘found time’ that didn’t used to exist for me.   I’ll be using that machine more and more.  I just re-tooled my office and now have a new monitor next to that machine so I’ll soon be able to watch movies and TV shows via the web while exercising.  I hate exercising with nothing else to occupy my mind.  I also do things like park as far away from the place I’m going when I drive so I  have to walk farther from the car to the store or office.   These little things add up over years, all in a positive way.  That one little thing with the computer boot-up exercise will result in about 1,300 hours of extra aerobic exercise over the rest of my life.  Just that one little thing!

Did I mention I’ve enrolled in grad school?  This is semester #2.  So far I’m loving it.   I think i’m the oldest student in the program I’m in at my college.  So far it appears that I’m also older than all the professors, at least the ones I’ve met.  If they notice, they haven’t told me.  Maybe they whisper about it behind my back.  I don’t worry about it.  I can often help some of the students and often the professors.  Some of the students and all of the professors can help me.  This is exercise for the brain.  It’s also re-tooling and preparing me for my next 15-20 years of consulting.   It’s also more exercise since the parking lot I drew in the parking lottery is on the opposite side of the campus from the classrooms I use.  They offered to put me on a waiting list for a closer parking spot and I declined.   Being that far away guarantees at least an hour of fast walking every week I have classes.  Why change that?  It’s also a bit of fresh air, I can do some people watching, and occasionally meet someone new and chat.    

Most of us let our education and training get old.  Things evolve fast and we have to evolve with it.  It’s a rare company today that will make sure it’s employees keep up with things.  You have to take responsibility for that yourself.   If you are self-employed then duh!   With the web and lots of virtual training available now, this is easier than ever before yet strangely, people still don’t do it nearly as much as they could.

I love my ‘new’ field of applied statistics.  It’s a natural extension of engineering and science.  It will probably be useful.  <smile>  I’m only taking my 2nd and 3rd class in the program and have already landed a consulting assignment because of it.  This is going to be  a slam dunk winner.

I hang out with a lot of people my own age in various clubs, dinners, etc.   At school I hang out with people half my age.  I need to do that more.  Not only is it interesting and energizing, but as I get closer to my goal, all my current peers will be dead.  I need to make younger friends now or I’ll be lonely later on.   It’s a bit of advance planning.  One thing that is sad about my younger associates in school however is that despite their much younger ages, many of them seem mentally older than I expected.  I’ll know more about that as I get to know them.  Maybe it’s because they are mostly working professionals going to school at night so are dead tired in these evening classes while I’m fresher and pumped up.  I didn’t have to put up with a day of office politics before class.  Now that I can compare my extensive corporate life to over a decade of self-employment, I’m sure that a day of typical corporate office frustrations, inefficiency and politics is more draining than an entire week of ‘real work’.   

One last thing before I stop for today.  When I started my new educational effort, I made a decision to slow down marketing my business.   I thought that it would be best to concentrate on doing well in school and let work and income fall both to give me time and energy.  I can afford to do that.   Very strangely however, my consulting and training work has skyrocketed.  i’m having one of the busiest years ever so far.  Too soon to tell if this is a random effect or a result of more energy.  Am I projecting a more self-confident impression when I talk to prospective clients so landing more work?   I’m not stopping my business, just being more laid back about it and not ‘trying’ to get work so hard.  I told myself I would just do what falls into my lap.  Looks like the diet may have been a bad idea.  I may need a bigger lap.

Bye for now…

Ode To My Changing Leaves


(sung to the tune of Greensleeves)

I wander far, I wander wide
Looking for companionship
I wear my leaves so full of pride
To attract my future love

Green leaves were my pride and joy
Green leaves were my delight
Green leaves were my beauty badge
But they turned on me and gave me fright.

My leaves are now yellow and red and gold
Oh why did my earth mother turn them so,
you broke my heart and the Entwives fled
I long for my old green leaves.


I have been tending the forests green
To keep them pure whatere you wish
I have fought for the beautiful Queen
To impress her with my strength.


If nature intends to leave me thus
I shall adapt and deal with it
And even so, I still remain
A seeker of my true love.


Winter comes, I feel it now
green leaves, now farewell, adieu,
To Earth I pray to prosper thee,
For I am still thy lover true,
Come once again and love me.

chorus (slowly fading….)

Attack From Below

Blind little creatures stalk me from below
munching the roots of my plants as they burrow
sucking the life out of them to enrich their own.

It’s nature’s way but I don’t have to like it
We spent hundreds of hours creating our gardens
to be items of beauty for us
not lunch for the tunnel digging rats.

How do they know where they are?
Can they smell? They have no eyes
Or is it random. Random destruction reaped on my garden
Like a meteor shower from the heavens
but this is a vole shower from the inner earth.

I’ll get ’em.
I’m determined.
I have the internet and they don’t.
So far they are winning but I’m patient.

I live a lot longer than they do
So I’m told.
We’ll see…

The Clients

They appear professional.
They always send the little details when needed.
There is a high tech room to work in.
The stuff in that room would feed a Somali family for ten years

They charge lots of money to their public clients
and teach their clients how to be good,
how to solve problems,
how to be perfect.

They are true capitalists, chasing money without soul.
They are famous for their excellence themselves
but inside they are lacking,
even corrupt

They do not possess the management skills of a child,
hiding behind emails and others,
afraid to look confrontation in the eye,
not knowing how to analyze situations themselves,
not able to tell the difference between a mistake and a terrorist.

They are a sheep in wolves clothing wrapped in a school.
They don’t realize their own failings
even as they teach others
how to deal with their failings.

Oh well…Welcome to the world.
They will make good politicians
when they grow up,
if they grow up.

Falling Asleep

Darkness falling
Drawing in
Out of the twilight
Of an old night

Tarnished splotches
Languish on the land
Stripping it
And making it cold.

Dead and all alike
Drifting away from their activity
To the boring eventualities
Of this final nothingness.

This poem fragment is an opposite version of the following one, author unknown, found at



Bright sun
Bursting forth
Into the dawn
Of a brand new day

Golden rays
Streak across the sky
Blanketing the land
With newfound warmth

Manifold lifeforms
Arise from their slumber
To the infinite possibilities
Of this grand awakening


Wildflowers on the Dam

Caminando sobre la presa de agua
It keeps the water in the lake
It’s the strong silent type.

No dice nada
No need for words
Only strength.

Hoy ella es cubierto de flores
The flowers were not there last week
I’ve never seen them before.

Hay millones de ellos
I’ve never seen so many
I wonder where they came from?

Algunos flores son amarillo, algunos son azul
The yellow and blue complement each other
Like they belong together.

Algunos son altos otros son cortas
You can’t see the tall or short ones from a distance
Only if you walk on the dam.

Todas las flores son pequeñas
It’s their small size that keeps them invisible
Unless you are among them.

Las pequeñas flores me invitan
To visit
And bring a smile to my day.

Los Mexicanos cortan la presa cada semana
Maybe they planted the flowers
To brighten their day.

Corto algunos flores para mi esposa
She likes flowers
She will know I thought about her
And smile.