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I’m a process improvement trainer and consultant with an engineering background and a sometimes disturbing creative streak.

I was challenged to enter the poem-a-day contest during April of 2013 so here I am, writing a poem a day.  As of day 3 I’m on schedule.   I wonder if I’ll get a prize if I actually do one every day?

Bill Bentley


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Thoughts that came to mind on your dedication to successfully completing this challenge:

    The essence of man
    Does not simply lie in the work of his hands
    But in his courage to stand
    And the belief that he can

  2. Day 7. Still at it. I think my quality is getting worse but won’t worry about it. The organizer said ‘just do it’ even if you can only write one word. That’s easy. Once one word gets down, others seem to want to follow it.

  3. Day 9. I enjoyed the Noir theme. I’ve always wanted to start a story with ‘It was a dark and stormy night’ so did it. I think I did it in a way that exempts it from the contempt that people would normally have for it. It’s a mystery..and a joke..and it makes sense and that line is necessary!

  4. Thanks Lauren! and Yikes! I looked at the requirements and don’t know 11 people who write or blog. This is my first blog ever and my first run at poetry. I’m not quite sure what to do about your nomination! i need advice!

  5. Wow, day 30 and I’ve written a poem EVERY day in April. That’s more than in my whole previous life. Who woulda thunk it possible? Thanks for all the encouragement and kind words from everyone. Maybe I’ll keep this here and add to it occasionally.

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