Attack From Below

Blind little creatures stalk me from below
munching the roots of my plants as they burrow
sucking the life out of them to enrich their own.

It’s nature’s way but I don’t have to like it
We spent hundreds of hours creating our gardens
to be items of beauty for us
not lunch for the tunnel digging rats.

How do they know where they are?
Can they smell? They have no eyes
Or is it random. Random destruction reaped on my garden
Like a meteor shower from the heavens
but this is a vole shower from the inner earth.

I’ll get ’em.
I’m determined.
I have the internet and they don’t.
So far they are winning but I’m patient.

I live a lot longer than they do
So I’m told.
We’ll see…


5 thoughts on “Attack From Below

  1. I see you are writing again. I posted one this morning. I was told by a few people I should keep going. It won’t be every day though. I can’t wait for July, Nat’l ice cream month. Although it might be harder than poetry. I’m not a big ice cream person. May would have been fun, it was Nat’l mental health month, but I was mentally unavailable. šŸ™‚

  2. Yes I was told the same thing and have a goal of at least one a month. I’ll do more if I’m inspired. I think that writing like this is a good way to think. It’s like talking to yourself in a different language. I’m on a diet so will skip national ice cream month! šŸ˜¦

    • If you find any good remedies for the voles and moles let me know. I think we have a couple and my garden looks pretty good so far this year. It’s not a big one but I planted it for us, not for them.

  3. So far I’ve caught 3 chipmunks, 1 mouse and one raccoon (scared him away, didn’t catch him).
    Score as of today is:
    Me – 0
    Voles- 10 (my estimate of how many there are)

    I said I live longer than a vole so eventually will win. It’s true but when we started there was 1 of me and 2 of them. I think there are now 10 of them but still only 1 of me. Any ideas how to change that?

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