Attack From Below

Blind little creatures stalk me from below
munching the roots of my plants as they burrow
sucking the life out of them to enrich their own.

It’s nature’s way but I don’t have to like it
We spent hundreds of hours creating our gardens
to be items of beauty for us
not lunch for the tunnel digging rats.

How do they know where they are?
Can they smell? They have no eyes
Or is it random. Random destruction reaped on my garden
Like a meteor shower from the heavens
but this is a vole shower from the inner earth.

I’ll get ’em.
I’m determined.
I have the internet and they don’t.
So far they are winning but I’m patient.

I live a lot longer than they do
So I’m told.
We’ll see…


The Clients

They appear professional.
They always send the little details when needed.
There is a high tech room to work in.
The stuff in that room would feed a Somali family for ten years

They charge lots of money to their public clients
and teach their clients how to be good,
how to solve problems,
how to be perfect.

They are true capitalists, chasing money without soul.
They are famous for their excellence themselves
but inside they are lacking,
even corrupt

They do not possess the management skills of a child,
hiding behind emails and others,
afraid to look confrontation in the eye,
not knowing how to analyze situations themselves,
not able to tell the difference between a mistake and a terrorist.

They are a sheep in wolves clothing wrapped in a school.
They don’t realize their own failings
even as they teach others
how to deal with their failings.

Oh well…Welcome to the world.
They will make good politicians
when they grow up,
if they grow up.