Engineer’s Lament

Day 27;  my prompt is not there;
Nothing to say.  My mind is just bare.
I need their prompt to jump start my mind;
Without it, I flounder. No ideas do I find.

Each day is different; a puzzle to solve
Follow a format or a theme with resolve.
It’s always different, a challenge to do
Like making craft beer, each day a new brew.

I’m not a writer, engineer’s what I am
solving problems, I start with a plan.
The prompts are the problem, they jump start my mind
Solutions are easy, quite easy to find.

But without them I’m lost, I wander around
like swimming when tired, afraid that I’ll drown.
Oh..the prompt is now there..but it is too late
Look, the poem is written – I got through the gate!

I started writing this before the prompt went up.  I had no time later so it was now or never.  I froze…then realized I could write about what I was thinking!


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