The Boat

The Sailboat tied in a slip
sometimes silent, rocking gently
Sometimes straining to break free
The wind determines its mood.

When the wind blows
the boat wakes up
and strains to be free
to roam the sea
as free as the wind itself.

“Come fly with me”
says the wind
and the boat hears it
and wants it
and needs to fly.

The ties that bind it
to the shore
are weak and the wind will
eventually break them.
The boat insists on being free.

When the skipper unlocks it
from its earth bound prison
it runs, like a man from a tiger
about to be eaten
if it does not win.

But this is no run of fear
the boat runs with joy
It soars over the waves
built to cut through the water
like a knife.

You can see the smile on its bow
when it moves with the wind,
The grin formed by the two sails
You just have to understand it
To see.


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