Purple People Earth Day


For the umpteenth time
since the earth was born
A wandering ship passed by
Their meters eyed the planet,
gathered data and then spied.

Looking for another orb
for their growing collections of matter
to feed the purple people and
they had a planet grabber!

They heard the song from earth
almost fifty years ago
talking about their purple people,
now, was it worth a tow?

On former trips the sensors learned
the planet was polluted
with too much pesky oxygen
so around they always routed.

But this time it was different,
the oxygen depleting,
this planet it was heating up
It soon might be worth eating!

In fifty years it will cook more
just needs a little smidgen.
By then it surely will be done
and ready for their kitchen.

Click below to hear what caught the aliens attention 50 years ago…

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rx47qrH1GRs


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