Fortune Cookies

A man at the next table is sneaking peeks at you.

You will be the main meal for tomorrows dinner.

I have your wallet. You will wash dishes for this meal.

You will win at cards this month.

You swapped shoes under the table.

Do you know what was in your dinner? Do you?

Whatever political party you claim, you are secretly the opposite.

Your dog/cat is really a cat/dog

The next person you will flirt with will not care.

Your kids will love you until you run out of money.

Go to the rest room and wipe the food off your brow.  Try to look innocent.


2 thoughts on “Fortune Cookies

  1. Glad it tickled your fancy! I’d like to see a restaurant have the last one in EVERY fortune cookie and watch an entire table try to casually saunter to the rest room making vague excuses….

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