The Plan

The owl circled around the dunderhead below
patiently waiting for him to look away
so it could swoop in and get the cheese off his head.
The dunderhead didn’t know the owl was there as
the majestic bird was silent as owls always are.

Across the field the mercurial cyclops had his eye
on the dunderhead too, but not for the cheese.
The dunderhead had absconded with his generator
and he wanted it it back.

Why a cyclops would need a generator is not the point.
The point is it was his and the dunderhead took it.
The billious cyclops nibbled on a truffle with cloves and salt (his favorite food)
while the willowy trees in the distance made it difficult to focus
his one-eyed view on his lost belonging.

The cyclops wished he had artillery
then he could take care of the dunderhead from where he was,
but it might damage the generator so he allowed his ego to subside.
Twice now he has had violent thoughts but his self-control
allowed them to float upwind like ghosts while he regained his composure.

The dunderhead will only squander away the generator.
Why should he have it anyway?
This was twice in one day he has stolen from the cyclops.
First the cheese, then the generator.
The motive for this strange behavior was elusive.

The dunderdead was not at all quiet about his achievement
but for all of his noisy rodomontade, seemed to have no plan
other than to curl up with his new prizes,
not even smart enough to wonder what to do with them.

The non-pareil cunning of the owl was now apparent
as the owl quietly headed for the nearby ocean, dove in
and emerged with a quahog from the frothy water dripping with seaweed.
It landed on a fence next to a svelte cowbird and began to softly hoot.

Soon both birds flew single mindedly towards the dunderhead
and upon reaching him, begin to squawk and swirl around him
in a flurry of excitement and activity, the swinging seaweed
adding to the confusion.

The dunderhead jumped up to swat at the irritating birds.
Although he seemed to be content to let the cheese remain on his head
he did not want the birds to have it, selfish dunderhead that he was.
In his excitement, swatting and swinging, he walked towards the sea
and soon fell into a nearby gutter-like depression in the earth.

As the dunderhead tripped, miraculously the cheese flew into the air
where the owl immediately snatched it with its claws,
simultaneously releasing the quahog for the cowbird to grab and fly away to eat.

The birds had no use for the generator and by then the cyclops had already
single-eyed his way over to it and squatted, resolved to never again leave it alone.


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