My Friend Sequoyah

Sequoyah the EntThe giant treant slowly lumbered through the wood
inspecting trees and fixing them when he could.
Few Ents created from trees to do this job
by Mother Nature who didn’t want a mob
of moving giants who looked like trees but weren’t
their work helps keep the forest from getting burnt
by fire which easily gets out of control
when lightening strikes and takes it’s deadly toll.

We do not notice the Ents when we walk the land
they just stand still looking tall and grand
like the trees which all of them once were
but they walk and talk and think and work and nurture
the land to keep it healthy and clean,
a job much harder now than Man is on the scene.

In olden days the Ents could do their work
despite an occasional wandering human jerk
but now the humans have overrun the world
and the Ents are tired and worn from being whirled
around from tree to injured tree
This treant might spell the end of all to be.


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