Who Are They?

They play every day.
Toys are scattered around the house like flotsam and jetsam.
Our home could be a deserted island since it seems toys are all they see.
They greet us when we come home like we’ve been gone forever.
They seem to have no sense of time.
An hour, a day, a week all seem the same to them – abandoned and lonely if we are not there.
They are not at all alike – one calm and gentle, the other alert and always ready for a challenge.
When we curl up to watch TV they are always there surrounding us like a blanket.
They ignore all creatures but us and one other…
Their world is safe and peaceful.
Why then do they chase every cat they see like the world is coming to an end?


2 thoughts on “Who Are They?

  1. Although I do not have a “live” pet…

    An ode to the “Chuch”
    A beloved stuffed pooch

    My companion and friend
    That I’d keep close to the end

    He is no more than 4 inches tall
    And is filled with the plushest type of cotton ball

    His welcoming blue eyes
    Make even the anxious sigh

    Even with a missing nose and stitched tail
    His dedication has been without avail

    He greets each person coming in
    With the cutest lop-sided grin

    Ahh…that’s my “Chuch”
    …My most beloved stuffed pooch

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