States of Confusion

A pregnant man tires of his wife

Their kids see the world through undefined glasses

Divorce is not possible now, the man is a woman is a man

Huh?  you say.   Huh?  I say.   Huh?  We all say

Arizona is not Hawaii

The end is not in sight

The world may end soon but not for them


2 thoughts on “States of Confusion

  1. Thoughts that came to mind:

    Societal Order
    Free from the Judicial Sorter
    Is to be cherished
    Lest we forget and it perish

  2. More thoughts while reviewing your confusion poem – musing about cloud computing:

    Media touted cloud computing
    Is due some user-based refuting

    Though expectations are exceeded by it virtualization
    It lacks memory of my configuration…

    I have to give credit where its due
    For all the streaming you could do

    Its forever loading bars
    Provide needed reprieve to count the passing cars

    And when my cookie stash
    And temporary cache
    Put the cloud in a tizzy
    I just get more socially busy

    For I know this cloud is here to stay
    And no, I won’t let it digitize my day

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